What is cybersecurity testing and What are the different tools for the same?

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What is cybersecurity testing and What are the different tools for the same?

Have you ever heard about Security Testing? Let us know what the security testing is.
The role of Security testing is to check whether the software is vulnerable to cyber-attacks or not; along with this, it also tests the impact of malicious or unexpected inputs on its operations. Security testing facilitates the proof of systems and information regarding their safety and reliability. The Security Testing does not accept unauthorized inputs.

Security testing is a type of non-functional testing. Unlike functional testing, this security testing focuses on the workability of software’s functions (“what” the software does); non-functional testing focuses on whether the application is designed and configured correctly (“how” it does it).
Security testing consists of several key elements:

• Assets—things that need to be safeguarded include software applications and computing infrastructure.
• Threats and vulnerabilities – activities that can cause damage to one or more assets that can be exploited by attackers. Vulnerabilities are inclusive of unpatched operating systems or browsers, weak authentication, and the lack of basic security controls.
• Risk—security testing aims to evaluate the risk that specific threats or vulnerabilities will cause a negative impact on the business. Risk is evaluated by identifying the severity of a threat or vulnerability, the likelihood, and the impact of exploitation.
• Remediation—security testing is not just a passive evaluation of assets. It facilitates actionable guidance for remediating vulnerabilities discovered and has the capability to verify the vulnerabilities.

Types of Cyber Security Testing Services

There are several types of cyber security testing services, including application security, information security audits, cyber security assessments, penetration tests, and red-team assessments.
The utilization of similar language with the customers is paramount in cyber security. We have decided to elaborate on the frame of reference and took the initiative to dissolve several misconceptions. The article will help in finding common ground when discussing the types of cyber security services with their clients.

Application Security Services

On a very prime basis, we need to find the uniqueness of application security from the rest of the terms. When we are considering application security, software developers often mean application pen tests or security code reviews. However, Application Security is a broad discipline, and narrowing it down to application pretests or security code reviews is counterproductive.

Information or Cyber Security Audit Services

The word audit is generally used to represent any security review. However, its original meaning is to limit the design of the testing and effectiveness of internal controls. While reviewing control design could be a one-time exercise, testing control effectiveness implies covering a period of history.

Cyber Security Assessment Services

Following the same pattern as of audit, a security assessment uses a framework, a best practice guidance, or a cyber-security standard as a benchmark for measurement. Although PCI DSS has the designation of Qualified Security Assessors, cyber security assessments are usually less focused on compliance and more focused on the management of cyber security risk. It does not involve retrospective analysis.

A typical security assessment report is not confined to the problems regarding security but is rich in remediation guidance. It significantly makes the assessment a consulting engagement rather than an actual auditors’ work. The expectations of the client are clear and actionable recommendations from their security assessors. And unlike auditors, the assessors are in a position to facilitate these recommendations, advise on their efficient design, plan a roadmap of related projects, and even help implement it.

Cyber Security Penetration Testing Services

Cyber security Penetration Testing is a controlled simulation of various types of cyber-attacks. This testing servicing measures the target’s resilience to real-life cyber security threats. The penetration testers have a limited amount of time and resources to do their job, which is different from the organized cybercrime groups and nation-state-sponsored hackers. Thus, readers have to analyze a pentests report by keeping its limitations in mind.

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