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What is cybersecurity testing and What are the different tools for the same?

Have you ever heard about Security Testing? Let us know what the security testing is.The role of Security testing is to check whether the software is vulnerable to cyber-attacks or not; along with this, it also tests the impact of malicious or unexpected inputs on its operations. Security testing facilitates the proof of systems and

Cyber Security Pen testing Checklist

Over the websites and web applications, the malicious hackers pay more attention to making the attacks. Over the world, there are various organizations that are offering essential services through web applications; these services include banking, healthcare, and intelligence services. This makes it easy to breach or leak the data of the customer. Therefore, it becomes

What is a Zero-Day Exploit and how to prevent it?

Are you aware of the fact that Zero-day exploits are more likely to be utilized by wealthy cybercriminals than ever? According to experts, the rise is directly linked to the exponential growth of the multibillion-dollar ransomware industry. Zero-day exploits are powerful and dangerous vulnerabilities at the same time that are often targeted by government-backed hackers